Your dryer will not run safely without a vent. This is because dryer vents create a suction that removes lint and allows air to circulate better.
You should vent a dryer 35 feet from the dryer to the wall or roof.
Yes, a broken dryer vent is extremely dangerous. If left unresolved, it increases the possibility of a house fire, health issues, and damage to your property.
Proper dryer vent installation is very important because it reduces the drying time, saves money on energy bills, eliminates molds, and reduces the risk of fire.
Experts recommend getting your dryer vents inspected and cleaned at least once a year. However, if you use the dryer more often, you might need to get it cleaned more than once every year.
You will know that your dryer vent is clogged if your clothes take a longer time to dry. You will also feel extreme heat in your laundry room. In addition, you will find lint and debris around your dryer’s lint filter.
  • Clean inside the dryer and behind dryer lint trap
  • Clean or replace flex line from dryer to inside wall
  • Clean behind dryer (clothes and debris that are known in the industry as dryer fire fuel)
  • Clean 4 in. metal dryer vent from inside wall to the outside wall
  • Clean outside wall vent or roof vent
  • Ugly duct cleaning can also install new dryer vent lines, outside wall vents, roof vents, replace flex and make sure your home is up to industry code.

Yes, but it is wise to hire a professional to reroute the dryer vent. For all your dryer vent rerouting and cleaning needs, contact Ugly Duct Cleaning.

Your dryer vent should be inspected and cleaned at least once a year.
A dryer vent line is essential during the drying process as it transports water vapor out of the dryer.
You should inspect and replace your dryer vent line every six months in case of blockages or damage.
You prepare for an air duct cleaning by:
  • Eliminate the clutter.
  • Check out your furnace and A/C units.
  • Keep your pets safe and secure.
Do a walk-through with the contractors.
It takes technicians two to four hours to clean an air duct thoroughly.

It would help if you had your air ducts cleaned by professionals every three to five years. For all your air duct cleaning services, contact Ugly Duct Cleaning.

  • Inside air handler and coils
  • Supply and return plenums
  • Supply and return trunk lines
  • All supply and return lines
  • Boots, registers, and grills
  • Bacterial treatment throughout the entire system to combat COVID-19 (surface and fogging)
  • Sealed as needed